Understand the Difference Between Mild and Severe Symptoms

Statistics and Symptoms

Know the likelihood of symptoms with these reported statistics.

  • 80-90% will develop clinical infection2
  • 10-20% will not show any signs of infection, but are still contagious to other dogs2
  • Most dogs will have a mild disease course2
  • Up to 20% of dogs may develop a more severe form, with a high fever (104-106°F) and pneumonia; these dogs are usually admitted to the veterinary clinic for treatment2
  • Up to 8% of dogs may die from complications of Dog Flu2

Disease Course and Prognosis

Because most dogs have not been exposed to Dog Flu (CIV H3N8 and CIV H3N2), almost 100% of those exposed are fully susceptible.

The figure below shows the prevalence of long-term complications or mortality in dogs infected with Dog Flu.

pie chart

Sickness and mortality in infected dogs

Impact of Dog Flu Outbreaks on Pet Facilities

Beyond the potentially devastating effects on a dog and its owner(s), a Dog Flu outbreak can affect many dogs and have a major impact on a pet facility. Cleanup can be costly, the facility may face a temporary shutdown, and its reputation can be tarnished.

Dogs are vaccinated against Bordetella bronchiseptica, parainfluenza virus, adenovirus, and distemper virus, but these vaccines do not provide protection against Dog Flu. The newly emerged Dog Flu strain, H3N2, was first diagnosed in pet dogs.

  • Veterinarians and staff must be aware of the potentially widespread and serious effects of a Dog Flu outbreak.
  • Facilities and pet professionals are responsible for the task of notifying the pet owners, as well as pet owners notifying facilities if they suspect symptoms in their own dog.
  • A complete cleaning and sanitization of the facility should be done, resulting in costs of cleaning supplies and labor.
  • All or part of the facility may require temporary shutdown, possibly leaving pet owners without care options for their pets. At shelters and other adoption facilities, intake of new dogs should be halted at least temporarily.
  • Dog Flu may occur in dogs that are healthy and up-to-date with their other vaccinations, damaging the facility's reputation.3,8