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Dogs that are social or visit pet businesses, such as doggie daycares, groomers, boarding facilities and dog parks, are at risk for infectious diseases.1 An infectious disease outbreak in a facility can be devastating to a business and its reputation. Heroes for Healthy Pets was created to help veterinary and pet business professionals keep their facilities disease free. The program provides best practices for preventative care, including strategic vaccination, cleaning and disinfection protocols, to help maintain disease-free facilities and keep pets healthy.
Our goal is to present best practices for disease prevention and control.

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Heroes for Healthy Pets provides two hours of RACE-approved continuing education for veterinary professionals and two hours for PACCC-approved continuing education units for pet service professionals.

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Infectious Disease
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When your business displays the Heroes for Healthy Pets™ certificate, your clients will know that keeping pets healthy is your #1 priority. Apply for this infectious disease management certificate once at least 50% of your staff has completed the program. You’ll receive a welcome packet with digital promotional tools and a certificate to display your commitment to a disease-free, safe environment.

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Heroes For Healthy Pets™ Library

Infectous Disease Handbook image

Heroes for Healthy Pets™ Infectious Disease Handbook

Learn how to prevent and control infectious disease outbreaks in your clinic or business.

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Pet Parent’s Guide to Infectious Diseases of Dogs

Provide this educational booklet to your customers to help spread the word about infectious diseases.

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Clean Hands, Clean Surfaces Ebook


Heroes for Healthy Pets™ Podcasts

Check out these informative and educational podcasts hosted by veterinarians to learn how to keep pets happy, healthy, and safe from infectious diseases.

Dr. Courtney Campbell
Dr. Justine Lee
Dr. Marta Sánchez-Emden

1. Kennel and Boarding Recommendations, AAHA Trends, February 2017.

Are you a Professional?

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