Contagious for dogs, costly to your business

When it comes to dog flu, it’s not just pets that need to be protected. Protect your business by educating yourself on how to prevent the spread of dog flu.

For veterinarians
and clinics

Your clinic’s whole purpose is to keep pets healthy, so the last thing you want is to spread disease.

For boarders
and groomers

Boarding and grooming facilities are full of objects – bowls, toys, tools, bedding, and work surfaces – where virus particles can land, live and spread.

For dog walkers
and sitters

Pet owners trust you to be there for their pets when they can’t be. Build that trust by learning how to keep pets safe from dog flu.


Here’s what these experts had to say about their experience with dog flu:

“Dogs at risk should be vaccinated at least yearly with both influenza strains, H3N8 and H3N2, in addition to other causes of ‘canine cough’”

-Dr. Ronald Schultz,
Professor of Pathobiological Sciences, University of Wisconson School of Veterinary Medicine

“In my experience, not only is the prevention of disease through wellness exams and vaccination the best medicine for the patient, it is also the most economical for the client.”

-Dr. Natalie Marks,
Veterinary Professional, Blum Animal Hospital,
Chicago, IL


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Kennel & Boarding Safety Recommendations

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Is your business at risk from dog flu?

In businesses that care for multiple dogs, one infected dog could quickly spread dog flu to an entire group. That’s bad for dogs and bad for your bottom line. Take this quiz to find out your facility’s risk level.