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Canine respiratory infections in the U.S.

The more you know about the presence and spread of dog flu and other canine respiratory diseases, the better you can protect your dog. This interactive map allows you to explore the prevalence of dog flu and other respiratory diseases that affect dogs in the United States.

View the number of tests and positive results at the state and county level, the percentage of increase, and statistics about the presence of various diseases.*

What is


Can dogs get the flu? You bet they can! Get the facts on where dog flu came from, why it can be so dangerous, and whether you can catch it from your dog.

What are the


Dog flu symptoms are tricky. Not because they’re hard to spot (they’re not), but because they’re similar to symptoms of other canine respiratory diseases.

How do I


Prevention is important not just in your household, but at boarders, groomers, pet care facilities, or any other place where dogs gather.

*Data is based on reporting from Cornell AHDC CIV Surveillance Network and IDEXX Laboratories and does not represent all laboratory testing conducted in the United States. Merck Animal Health does not guarantee the accuracy of the the presented information.