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Is Your Dog at Risk of Catching Dog Flu?

Dog Flu, or canine influenza virus, is a highly contagious respiratory disease. If you and your dog visit dog parks, doggie daycares, kennels, groomers, veterinary offices, or other places where dogs mingle, you risk coming into contact with an infected dog.

Even if another dog doesn't show symptoms, such as cough or runny nose, it can still transmit the Dog Flu virus through casual social contact like nuzzling or licking. Dog Flu can cause serious complications, like pneumonia or secondary bacterial infections. It can even be fatal.

Find out your dog’s risk level by taking this two-minute quiz. If your dog is at risk, take the next step by talking to your veterinarian about Nobivac®, the Dog Flu vaccination from Merck Animal Health. Your dog will thank you.

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