Contagious for Dogs, Costly to Your Business

Dog Flu is a highly contagious respiratory disease.
Care for your customers and care for your business. Require vaccination.


All it takes is one infected dog, or one infected surface, for a Dog Flu outbreak to begin.

Contagious for Dogs

Dog Flu, also referred to as Canine Influenza or CIV, is highly contagious and rapidly spread by a combination of aerosols, droplets, and direct contact with respiratory secretions or contaminated fomites.

The virus particles form suspensions that may remain airborne for prolonged periods of time, after which they settle on surfaces.2,23 Due to the particular way this virus spreads, pet professionals must be cautiously aware and follow prevention and containment protocols.

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Costly to Your Business

A Dog Flu outbreak can affect many dogs and have a major impact on a facility. Cleanup can be costly, the facility may face a temporary shutdown, and its reputation can be tarnished.

The Best Treatment Approach to
Dog Flu is Effective Prevention


About 25% of pet care facilities are now requiring a Dog Flu vaccination for pets prior to admission.3

Other Preventative Measures

Educating staff and dog owners about protocols for preventing the spread of Dog Flu is critical to an overall management strategy.

For Professionals
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2. Crawford C, Spindel M. Canine influenza. In: Miller L, Hurley K, eds. Infectious Disease Management in Animal Shelters. Ames, IA: Wiley-Blackwell; 2009:173-180.

3. Data on file, Merck Animal Health.

23. Tellier R. Review of aerosol transmission of influenza A virus. Emerg Infect Dis. 2006;12:1657-1662.


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