Dog Flu According to Pet Professionals

Video Series: Dog Flu + Pet Facilities

Pet care facility owners and veterinarians participated in a roundtable discussion about the devastating Dog Flu outbreaks they experienced, and why vaccination requirements are important to them.

Pet Care Facilities Teleconference

A special teleconference brought together boarding facility directors from ten geographically diverse states to learn more about Dog Flu and the importance of vaccination.

Before the teleconference: 17% of participants required a Dog Flu vaccination for their canine clients.
After the teleconference: 64% of participants said they intended to require or recommend Dog Flu vaccinations for dogs that board with them.

  • Part 1: The threat of Dog Flu
  • Part 2: Risks posed to dogs
  • Part 3: Management
  • Part 4: Prevention
  • Part 5: Increased awareness

Vaccination Requirements Survey

This survey was conducted among 127 pet care facilities, covering regions nationwide. Responses indicate that facilities are increasingly aware of Dog Flu (also known as canine influenza) and are taking steps against it.1

  • 78.0% train staff to identify canine influenza virus (CIV)
  • 22.8% said they might have seen Dog Flu
  • 2.4% reported confirmed canine influenza cases
  • 25.9% of facilities require Dog Flu vaccination
  • 22.3% can't require vaccination due to local unavailability*
  • 43.3% of the pet care facilities' local vets offer Dog Flu vaccine

* Nobivac® Canine Flu Bivalent, Nobivac® Canine Flu H3N8 and Nobivac® Canine Flu H3N2 are available to all licensed veterinarians in the US.