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Dog flu spreads quickly and its signs are very similar to those of other canine respiratory diseases. Get the facts on this dangerous disease so you can help protect your dog — and your community.

Can dogs get the flu?

Yes, dogs can get the flu. Canine influenza, or dog flu, is a serious respiratory illness that’s easily transmitted from dog to dog.

Is dog flu the same as human flu?

We humans sometimes use “the flu” as a catch-all term that encompasses everything from fever and fatigue to nausea and vomiting (“stomach flu”). But when veterinary professionals refer to dog flu, they’re talking about two specific strains of canine influenza virus: H3N8 and H3N2.

These strains can’t be passed from human to dog or vice versa. You can’t give your dog the flu, and he can’t give it to you. However, dog flu and human flu do share some common themes: they can vary in severity from mild to deadly and should always be taken seriously. Also, it’s important to vaccinate every year for the highest level of protection.

Unlike human flu, dog flu isn’t seasonal. It is transmitted from dogs who have caught the virus, so dogs are susceptible to the virus all year round.

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Are you a pet professional?

Pet care professionals of all kinds can benefit from understanding dog flu, educating their clients, and protecting their businesses.

Need to find a veterinarian?

Your veterinarian is your trusted partner in caring for your dog. Our Find a Veterinarian tool helps you explore veterinary practices in your area.

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For Veterinarians
and clinics

Your clinic’s whole purpose is to keep pets healthy, so the last thing you want is to spread disease.

For boarders
and groomers

Boarding and grooming facilities are full of objects – bowls, toys, tools, bedding, and work surfaces – where virus particles can land, live and spread.

For dog walkers
and sitters

Pet owners trust you to be there for their pets when they can’t be. Build that trust by learning how to keep pets safe from dog flu.

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The Infectious
Disease Handbook,

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Stay on top of preventive care, and keep your business free from an outbreak, with this free handbook from medical and industry professionals

Is your dog at risk of catching dog flu?

Wondering if your dog is at risk? Most dogs are, because dogs are social creatures. Take the quiz to help you identify the places and behaviors that present the most likely areas of danger for your dog.

Pet parent’s guide to infectious diseases

Dog flu is just one of many diseases that can affect the health of your pet. Download this comprehensive guide to canine infectious diseases to learn about prevention, symptoms, and more.

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